On 22 May 2007, Helgard's life changed dramatically while working inside a grain bin, in the town of Roscoe in South Dakota, USA. He fell through one of the non-covered draining holes and ended up having his left foot amputated. Now his life has taken another turn, this time for the better, and he is about to embark on a 6,000 km cycle along the border of South Africa, to inspire and motivate others who have lost limbs or were born ‘different’. This is his inspiring story. - See more at: http://www.doitnow.co.za/content/riding-hope#sthash.X8Ekdq5r.dpuf or open the link below.

"Then two months ago, I made a decision that would fulfill my long-time dream of motivating and inspiring others by cycling 6,000 km on my mountain bike along the border of South Africa. To my knowledge, I will be the first person with only one leg to do such a journey. I will also raise funds for the Western Cape Association for Persons with Disabilities (WCAPD), because too many disabled people can’t afford to buy the right equipment for their needs."

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