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RS Scan Footscan System

RS Scan Footscan

Our RS Scan system is a professional solution for highly accurate dynamic pressure measurements while you are walking. This is done by the use of the RS Scan footscan® systems. Our primary aim is to offer our client an affordable pressure measurement report with accurate result, combined with the clearest and easy understandable diagrams.

To reach these goals, our hard- and software developers use-state-of the-art technology resulting in a high quality pressure measurements for clinical and scientific use. The same system that we use is also in use with renowned and credible universities of the world. We also use the same system with our research on the biomechanics of plantar fasciitis. This research gave us more insight in plantar fasciitis which puts us in the forefront to be the first in the world to do research on the condition while the patient is walking.

With our knowledge of biomechanics we are also able to determine other joint problems by analyzing the pressure data obtained into biomechanics data. Our experience and knowledge with the system has in many cases also showed other problems in the human body.

Give us a call at Pieter M Botha Orthotist & Prosthetist on 017 634 7086/7 or click the Enquire Now button above and fill in your requirements.

Sample of a RS Foot Scan:

RS Scan Sample