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Upper Limb Prosthetics

Pieter M Botha Orthotist & Prosthetist provides a wide range of Upper Limb Prosthetics for amputees:  Cosmetic Arm Prostheses; Myoelectric Arm Prostheses like the DynamicArm, Elbow-Forearm ErgoArm and the Myobock Below Elbow Prostheses; the 7.4 Volt Upper Limb System for Children; System Electric Hands; Cable-Controlled Arm Prostheses and Upper Extremity Liners manufactured by Otto Bock are all discussed below.

Our prosthetic fitting goal is to help our patient compensate for the loss of physical functions. Pieter M Botha Orthotist & Prosthetist offers a range of options for you to select from, including off the shelf and custom cosmeses, and a full line of myoelectric and body powered components that deliver the latest technology.  We offer a solution for nearly every application and level of amputation.  Otto Bock is the manufacturer of our wide range of high quality prostheses, featuring outstanding technology.

Cosmetic Arm Prostheses

Cosmetic, or ?passive? prostheses, are worn by people who have difficulty operating active prostheses or wear a prosthesis for cosmetic reasons only.
Cosmetic Hands

Cosmetic Arm Prostheses

For some users, the active function of an upper extremity prosthesis is less important than design, appearance, comfort, weight, or even ease of use. Otto Bock Cosmetic Arms are a great choice for people who value a natural look.

Cosmetic Hands

Otto Bock Cosmetic Hands consist of an inner hand and a cosmetic glove. The form, color and surface structure of the cosmetic glove simulate the natural hand in great detail. Choose from 43 models in 18 colors for men, women and children. The glove can be easily cleaned, maintained and serviced.

The foam-formed inner hand guarantees low weight and high stability for enhanced comfort. By using different attachment options, the hand is universally applicable. For partial loss of the hand, a special inner hand is required.

The grip function depends on the construction of the hand mechanism. Cosmetic prostheses are also compatible with passive System Hands. They are opened with the healthy hand and closed independently.

Myoelectric Arm Prostheses

Myoelectric prostheses are electrically powered prostheses controlled by the myoelectrical impulses generated by a user's muscle contractions.

12K100 DynamicArm 


The DynamicArm is an electronically controlled elbow joint with continuous gearing.  Its vario-gear permits a more natural reproduction of a natural arm movement pattern through the continuous adjustment of gear ratio to the environmental conditions (input signal of the patient, movement phase,load to be lifted). Its harmonious movements combine high precision with speed to provide the patient with more independence in everyday life. The low level of operating noise and the slightly dampened and completely silent free-swing phase support the natural, inconspicuous appearance.

The shape and basic colour of the DynamicArm also match quite well with the human body and allow the amputation to slip into the background of daily life.  Silicone elements discreetly divided into various colours dampen noises and shocks, such as those that may be caused when supporting oneself on a rigid surface.

Integrated into an appealing and unobstrusive design with the highest possible function, DynamicArm provides patients with quality of life. 

Myobock Below Elbow Prostheses

Myo-electrically controlled upper limb prostheses with their accessories are the kind of fitting with the highest rehabilitation value. They unite optimal outer appearance and high grip force and grip speed as well as many combination and adjustment options.

Myobock Below Elbow procedure

The Residual Limb

There are 3 major factors that are crucial when designing and optimizing trans-humeral and elbow disarticulation prosthesis, including the following:

  • Length of the bony lever arm
  • Quality and nature of soft-tissue coverage
  • Shape and muscle tone of the residual limb


An above-elbow prosthesis consists of:
  • A single plastic upper arm shell
  • An elbow joint usually with incorporated locking mechanism
  • A plastic forearm
  • A wrist joint
  • A terminal device, either a hook or a hand

Elbow-Forearm ErgoArm

The ErgoArm, ErgoArm plus, ErgoArm Hybrid plus and the ErgoArm Electronic plus are four excellent elbow components for the myoelectric fitting of higher amputation levels.

ErgoArm Elbow Joint

The higher the amputation level, the greater the demands on the fitting technique. The ErgoArm Electronic plus and ErgoArm Hybrid elbow-forearm assemblies give you the tools you need for the myoelectric fitting of high amputation levels.

They offer state-of-the-art technology with the aim of combining low weight and extraordinary function with appealing design. The 12K44 ErgoArm Hybrid plus is recommended for hybrid protheses with a myoelectric hand and a cable-controlled elbow joint. And with its integrated "EasyPlug" cable guide, all electric cables disappear inside the prosthesis so that they are both inconspicuous and protected.

Due to its electronically-controlled lock, the 12K50 ErgoArm Electronic plus can be locked or unlocked with myo-signals as well as with a switch. This happens inconspicuously in fractions of a second and offers reliable loading in any position.

7.4 Volt Upper Limb System for Children

Fittings for children have always represented a major medical technology challenge because children have special requirements in terms of functionality, flexibility and mobility.

The 7.4 Volt Upper Limb Prosthetic System meets the individual needs of various age groups while simultaneously preparing the children for a future fitting with the system for adults. This innovative system for children achieves these objectives. In combination with the Electric Hand 2000, the MyolinoWrist 2000 and the MyolinoSkin Natural glove, it uses myoelectric components from the adult segment in order to establish the foundation for a flowing transition in the prosthetic fitting process. The 12K12 MovolinoArm Friction is the perfect complement to the Otto Bock portfolio for upper arm fittings in children aged 3 to 5 years.

12K12 Friction Elbow

12K12 MovolinoArm The 12K12 MovolinoArm Friction is available in one size. It is the perfect complement to the current Otto Bock product portfolio since it allows fittings on the right and left side for children aged 3 to 5 years.  It is compatible with passive, body-powered and myoelectric arm prosthesis systems.  The elbow has one friction setting for humeral rotation and one for flexion/extension of the forearm. These components are easy to adjust by parents.  Another advantage is that the elbow is compatible with the components of the 7.4 volt system for children - the 7in1 Controller, MyolinoLink, MyolinoSoft, MyoCharge Integral and MyoEnergy Integral - and therefore clearly benefits from the product advantages of this system.
10V51 Wrist

MyolinoWrist 2000 10V51

The MyolinoWrist 2000 is a mechanical friction wrist joint that supplements the hand system for children. It is only compatible with the Otto Bock Electric Hand 2000. It can be used with all 4 sizes (5, 5 , 6, 6 ) of the Electric Hand 2000 and is suitable for either side. The wrist joint is available with a lamination ring or for bonding into pre-fabricated forearm or elbow components.

MyolinoLink and MyolinoSoft

MyolinoLink 60X6 / MyolinoSoft 560X3

The 60X6 MyolinoLink is used for the wireless transfer of data between the 7in1 Controller and a PC with Bluetooth functionality. The advantage: There is no need to disassemble the prosthesis. Patient-specific settings can therefore be changed without a cable connection.

In order to offer patient-specific controller settings, setup software is also being used for the first time in a hand system for children. Rather than using specified settings, it works with various parameters such as the patient side, control programme, threshold and gripping speed that can be individually adjusted. This is especially advantageous for children with high mobility requirements.

System 2000 hand

Electric Hand 2000 8E51

The Electrohand 2000 system for kids is a groundbreaking development. Instead of just making a smaller version of the System Electric Hand, we developed a hand especially for kids.


9E420 Controller

7 in 1 Controller 9E420

The 9E420=* 7in1 Controller is a control system for the Electric Hand 2000 that processes muscle signals and transmits them to the prosthetic hand. The 7in1 Controller runs on 7.4 volts and offers 7 control programmes, some of which are derived from the system for adults. The advantages are apparent: Children can benefit from the range of possibilities offered by systems for adults, their prosthetic hand can be adapted individually and they are simultaneously prepared for a later fitting with the adult system.

8S20 MyolinoSkin Natural Glove

MyolinoSkin Natural 8S20N

Skin Natural prosthesis gloves offer a highly natural appearance. They help to complete the body image, which is of particular importance to children. Skin Natural gloves are very robust and easy to clean. Another important function of the gloves is to protect the prosthesis from environmental influences such as dust, dirt, and moisture.

System Electric Hands

The Otto Bock System Electric Hand combines advanced functionality with maximum comfort. It covers a wide range of needs thanks to the variety of different sizes and integration options.

The result is the Otto Bock System Electric Hand with three-fingertip grip. It consists of the interior system hand, hand shell and the cosmetic glove.

We've created a variety of sizes and connection options for establishing the mechanical and electrical connection to the socket, allowing you to cover a wide range of indications.

MyoHand VariPlus Speed

The MyoHand VariPlus Speed is a new development from Otto Bock. It combines the mechanical characteristics of the SensorHand Speed and the control options of the DMC VariPlus system electric greifer.

MyoHand VariPlus Speed

At a glance

  • Available in 3 hand sizes (7 , 7 , 8 )
  • Available with 3 connection options (quick-disconnect wrist, lamination ring, threaded stud)
  • High active proportional grip force (up to 100 N)
  • High proportional speed (up to 300 mm/s)
  • No coding plug (program selection using the 757T13 MyoSelect)
  • Grip recognition and grip force build-up via bow sensor
  • No thumb sensorMigration of control programs from the DMC VariPlus greifer ? Advantage: Fast digital control program

Thanks to the high gripping strength and speed, objects can be gripped quickly and precisely. With the 757T13 MyoSelect, a total of 6 different programs can be selected and adapted according to your patient?s indications. This permits optimum adaptation to the needs and abilities of the prosthesis wearer.

The elimination of the thumb sensor allows our patient to grip actively and consciously. Items have to be held and positioned by targeted muscle signals since the electronics of the MyoHand do not readjust the grip force automatically. The MyoHand VariPlus Speed is recommended for active patients with a low amputation level in particular. A key advantage of the hand is that the patient can actively build up a grip force of up to 100 N. An optimum selection for our patient can be made from numerous different control programs. With each control program, the speed and build-up of grip force can be optimally adapted to patient requirements using the 757T13 MyoSelect.

DMC plus - System Electric Hand

With the DMC plus - System Electric Hand, our patient can naturally control grip speed and grip force in proportion to their muscle signal with the Dynamic Mode Control (DMC) plus electric hand.

DMC plus - System Electro Hand
DMC  sets a new standard in myoelectric prosthetics: Grip speed and grip force are controlled proportional to the strength of the muscle signal.

For response characteristics that are even more sensitive, there's the new DMC plus. This control also features a new type of safety mode: After gripping once with maximum force, a slightly higher EMG signal is required to open the hand. This reduces the chances of the hand opening due to unintentional muscle contraction. Digital Twin Control combines Digital Control and Double Channel Control (Single Site) into one hand. This allows you to decide which control mode is best for your patient.

System Electric Hand Digital Twin

The Electric Hand with Digital Twin control combines two classic features in one: digital and double-channel control.

Digital Twin Hand
Digital Twin Control combines the two classical Digital Control and Double Channel Control (Single Site) into one hand. This you can decide which control mode is best suited for your patient.


SensorHand Speed

At maximum speed, this hand opens and closes almost three times as fast as a standard System Electric Hand.

SensorHand Speed
With a dizzying 300 mm per second opening/closing speed, (more than twice as fast as before) and enhanced EMG signal processing, the SensorHand? Speed has unmatched performance. In addition, our unique AutoGrasp feature prevents held objects from slipping by recognizing when an object begins to slip and automatically increasing the grip force as needed. SensorHand Speed also allows you to use one or two input devices and to select from various control options.    

Proportional Speed and AutoGrasp Feature

Faster! Proportional speed from 15-300 mm/second. Twice the speed of other myoelectric hands (standard hands run at approximately 130 mm/second). Enhanced EMG signal processing and improved software make the SensorHand Speed even more responsive to user's signals. Experienced users say they can't 'outcontract' the hand.  
  • The SensorHand Speed has a high user acceptance rate because it's quicker to open, to change between opening and closing, and to accumulate grip force.
  • The AutoGrasp feature allows the wearer to simply hold an object and avoid wasting energy on monitoring whether the item is slipping or not. AutoGrasp can even be turned off when not needed.
  • The standard slip-clutch allows the wearer to release the hand quickly in an emergency.
  • Improved design along with a new microprocessor and advanced software make the Speed faster and quieter without having to use possibly damaging higher voltage batteries.
  • Increased opening power is designed to overcome any resistance from stiff gloves and handshells.
  • Effective at lower temperatures: the SensorHand Speed works normally in temperatures as low as -4F/-20 C.

System Electric Hand size 7

The advanced System Electric Hand size 7 was designed especially for adolescents and adults with very small hands. Though significantly smaller, shorter and lighter, the size 7 still has the same grip force and grip speed as the other System Electric Hands.

System Electric Hand size 7
The sizing system for the System Electric Hand for adults and the 2000 Electric Hand for children have proven very effective. The hand covers a wide range of sizes ? from children to adults. The Otto Bock size 7 System Electric Hand closes the gap between the children?s 2000 Electrohand and the System Electric Hand. It is also suitable for users with very long residual limbs.   And though it's significantly smaller, shorter and lighter, the size 7 has the same grip force and grip speed as the other System Electric Hands. The hand weighs a mere 350 g (3.4 oz.) (including the wrist connection and inner hand) and is 100 g (3.5 oz.) lighter than the next larger size (7 ). Moreover, because it is 33 mm (1.3 in.) shorter than size 7 , it is also suitable for patients with very long residual limbs. The new System Electric Hand, size 7 is available with your choice of wrist connections: the Quick-Disconnect Wrist, the Lamination Ring or the threaded stud. Available with DMC plus or DigitalTwin control.

Transcarpal Hand

The use of myoelectric components to treat amputations and malformations in the transcarpal region was long considered impossible. Until now. Otto Bock has developed unique solutions for treating especially long residual limbs.

Transcarpal Hand

New Perspective for Many Patients

Patients with long residual limbs have a myoelectric option with Otto Bock?s 8E44 Transcarpal Hand. 

To create a hand as lightweight and compact as possible, Otto Bock has made the motor 1/3 smaller and repositioned it to take up less room proximally. The result is a hand with the same grip force as comparable adult hands. And to save even more room we've created an innovative new connection technique that uses cable loops instead of a lamination ring. The Transcarpal Hand can be operated with either the DMC plus or Digital Twin control units. 

Because many patients with long residual limbs can perform pronation and supination (ulna and radial bones conserved) the relevant joint for this function has been left away. To make sure as many patients as possible can be fit, we offer three standard sizes (7 , 7 , 8 ) in two control variations.

Transcarpal Hand DMC plus

The Transcarpal Hand with DMC plus (Dynamic Mode Control) sets new standards: grip speed and grip force are regulated in proportion to the strength of the muscle signal.

Transcarpal Hand
The Transcarpal Hand with DMC plus (Dynamic Mode Control) sets new standards: Grip speed is variable from 15 to 130 mm/sec. Plus, the high maximum grip speed and the optimal balance of grip force and speed allow the patient to experience more physiological gripping than they've ever experienced before. 

The DMC plus control contains both the original DMC control and the DMC plus mode. The DMC plus mode includes a virtual "hand switch": After gripping once with maximum grip force, a slightly higher signal is required to open the hand. This improves gripping security and facilitates the holding of such things as eating utensils.

Transcarpal Hand Digital Twin

The Transcarpal Hand with Digital Twin control combines two classic features in one: digital and double-channel control.

Transcarpal Hand
The Transcarpal Hand with Digital Twin control combines two classic features in one: digital and double-channel control. The function plug supplied with the prosthesis will be used to select the desired control mode, allowing the prosthetist to decide during trial fitting which control mode is best for the patient.


Endoskeletal Adapter 8R1=*

The Endoskeletal Adapter allows the application of the Transcarpal Hand as a particularly short and lightweight hand with quick-disconnect mechanism for fittings of long residual limbs.

Endoskeletal-Adapter 8R1=*

Thanks to the endoskeletal tube system, which is easily cut to the required length, the Transcarpal Hand is also a lightweight fitting alternative for short residual limbs. The Endoskeletal Adapter can be combined with any Transcarpal Hand of the corresponding size.



Skin Natural Gloves

Skin Natural Gloves

Durable and easy to clean, Skin Natural gloves provide more realistic characteristics due to a multilayered structure that creates an impression of depth. The PVC-based material provides robust features for the gloves, showing high durability compared to other materials. Skin Natural is appropriate for patients wearing myoelectric, body powered, and passive arm prostheses.

Please contact customer service at 800.328.4058 (U.S.) 800.665.3327 (Canada) or your sales representative for ordering details.

Cable-Controlled Arm Prostheses

Functions of Cable-Controlled upper extremity prostheses are controlled by the user?s residual limb and/or the shoulder girdle.
System Hands

System Hands

The System Hand is a tremendous choice for either cosmetic or functional needs.




For cable-controlled prostheses, a hook can be used as a terminal device instead of a System Hand.

Hooks are designed for activities that demand extreme precision for grasping small objects such as screws or nails. The hook is a reliable, robust and resilient tool for manual labor or activities in a difficult environment (such as those that involve solvents or moisture).

Hooks are opened via a body harness worn on the upper body. They close independently by means of spring or elastic components. Hooks are made of particularly tough materials, such as stainless steel. 

In addition, they are easy to clean and are lightweight (aluminum alloy). Standard and working hooks are available for adults, children and adolescents.

While standard hooks are intended for a general use, working hooks with their robust construction as well as diverse and specialized grip options are particularly well-suited for crafts and carpentry.

Body Harnesses

Body Harnesses

Otto Bock Body Harnesses allow users to control hand and elbow functions through movements of the residual limb and shoulder.

Greater movement, simple control. Otto Bock Body Harnesses control hand and elbow functions through movements of the residual limb and shoulder.

Body Harnesses 21A35 & 21A36

The Body Harnesses give patients excellent proprioceptive feedback without the hassle of complicated harnesses or constrictive neck straps. Both the BE and Triple-Pull harnesses create continuous movement but don?t require sewing. In addition, the Body Harnesses have hygienic, removable axilla pads and easy to use, adjustable straps.

Upper Extremity Joint BarUpper Extremity Joint Bars

Upper extremity joint bars are invaluable functional components for certain types of upper extremity orthoses and prostheses.



Find all the accessories you need for Otto Bock arm prostheses, from extra batteries, chargers, and electrodes to MyoBoy training and analysis unit for technicians.

MYOBOCK Electrode


The latest development in electrodes. A new electrode design that provides a drastic improvement in sensitivity as well as superior noise filtration making it the clear choice for anyone fitting myoelectrics.

10S17 Electric Wrist Rotator


The wrist rotator provides electrical rotation of the Otto Bock System Electric Hand or Greifer.

9X50, 9X52 Linear Transducers

Linear Transducer

Linear transducers transfer excursion via the harness system to allow for proportional control of myoelectric components.


MyoWrist Transcarpal 10V38

The Otto Bock 10V38 MyoWrist Transcarpal enables wrist flexion and extension of up to 40.

Upper Extremity Liners

Silicone ArmLiners provide an intimate fit without irritating the skin. They feature two-way stretch, yet are strong enough to prevent unwanted stretching longitudinally?offering both comfort and security.

Silicone ArmLiner

A versatile and durable solution for upper extremity limb loss. These liners deliver both comfort and security.


The advantages of silicone:

  • Temperature resistant from -60 C (-76 F) 
    to + 200 C (393 F)
  • Water, sweat and weather resistant
  • Odor free
  • Good adhesion

The Silicone ArmLiner provides an intimate fit and is skin-friendly. It features two-way stretch, yet is strong enough to resist unwanted stretching longitudinally. The Silicone ArmLiner is also the world?s first liner system specifically designed to meet the requirements of upper extremity prosthetics.

And because a lightweight prosthesis is easier to use and more comfortable to wear, we designed the liner to be as thin and light as possible.

The corresponding 14A1 Lock Set was developed after many years experience in upper extremity prosthetics. It is lightweight, functional and easy to use. The lock was designed to be as short as possible, which is especially important for people with long residual limbs.

Fittings with myoelectric devices require precise positioning in the prosthetic socket. For this reason, the Silicone ArmLiner pin system was designed with only a single ratchet.

Custom Silicone Liners

Custom-made silicone liners can be used whenever standard liners are no longer flexible and dynamic enough to accommodate difficult residual limbs.

The custom fabrication takes the form and soft tissue conditions of the residual limb into consideration to produce optimal contact between the skin and the liner. Custom Silicone Liners are available for both upper and lower extremity prostheses.

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