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Through Knee Prostheses / Knee Disarticulations Prosthetics

Pieter M Botha Orthotist & Prosthetist provides Through Knee Prostheses / Knee Disarticulations Prosthetics for amputees that had an amputation through the knee, disarticulating the femur from the tibia.

Socket Technology

Socket Design for Through Knee Prostheses

A Through Knee Amputation makes a perfect suspension system for a prosthesis, besides the improved suspension over the condiles of the femur, the trough knee amputation allows for full weight bearing on the distal end of the stump as opposed to only partial weight bearing through the shaft of the femur or the tibia and fibula in other amputations.  It is more comfortable to walk, the patient has better control over the prosthesis and enjoys a faster rehabilitation.

The extra length afforded by a through the knee amputation gives the amputee far better leverage, the bigger the femoral condyles the better, since the socket takes hold of the central part of the condyles, getting a good grip to preclude the socket from slipping off.  The suspension of the socket is greatly improved.

In a case where the condyles are not so prominent and the outer part of the remaining joint is of the same size as or smaller than the rest of the limb, a seal in liner is used in order to create an suction suspension. A custom made silicone liner can also be made from a cast of your stump. This is extremely comfortable, gives a good suspension of the prosthesis and lasts a long time.

As individual as our patients are ? they all have one thing in common: the need to rely on their prosthesis at every step during their day-to-day lives. The goal of our Socket Technologies is to provide the best possible solutions that meet the highest safety and comfort standards as well as the individual needs of our patients.

We make use of the Otto Bock's large range of liners made of materials such as silicone, copolymer and polyurethane for all standard and custom liners. Since we know the forces that act on the liner and how movements affect the fit of the prosthesis, our liners are precision-designed for various adhesion systems.

Harmony System

The Harmony Vacuum Management System from Otto Bock provides a superb fit between the liner and socket while minimizing residual limb volume changes throughout the day.

The Harmony system effectively reduces the amount of air between the socket and the liner. This is achieved through the use of a pump and an exhaust valve. The system, which is activated at every step when using the mechanical pump or by a sensor with the electronic version, regulates the required negative pressure within a defined range.

A damping and torsion function is also integrated into the mechanical pump. The Harmony system controls the volume of the residual limb and simultaneously improves blood circulation. High adhesion improves proprioception. The prosthesis wearer feels what is happening under his or her prosthetic foot. This increases safety in everyday life. The Harmony system is used in conjunction with a polyurethane liner. A standard or custom liner is used depending on the residual limb. The negative pressure system is sealed on the outside by means of a gel-coated sealing sleeve.


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