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Pieter M Botha Orthotist & Prosthetist provides a wide range of Manual Wheelchairs, Power Driven Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters.

Manual Wheelchairs

Omega Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair 18'

Omega Aluminium WheelchairFeatures:

  • Aluminium "Granny Chair".
  • Light weight, foldable with removable arm rests and leg rests.
  • Can handle up to 80kg.
  • This chair weighs 12kg.
  • No More Flat tyres used on these chairs.
  • This is a really fancy chair.
  • Claimable from Medical aid.

Low Cost Fixed Wheelchair

Features: Fixed Low Cost Wheelchair 

  • This is a wonderful chair.
  • Strong and sturdy steel frame.
  • Fixed leg and arm rests.



Omega Standard Wheelchair 18'

Omega Standard WheelchairFeatures:

  • Omega Wheelchairs are strong, sturdy and will last a long time.
  • They come with 1 year guarantees.
  • They have removable arm rests and foot rests and are foldable. 
  • Can handle a weight of up to100kg.

Low Cost Aluminium Light Wheelchair

Low Cost Aluminium Light WheelchairFeatures:

  • A low cost aluminium lightweight wheelchair, weighs 12kg.
  • It has fixed arm and leg rests and has cable brakes.
  • Pneumatic wheels.
  • Very good product, strong and sturdy.


Saturn Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair 18'

Saturn Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair Features:

  • This is probably the best wheelchair in South Africa, as it is lightweight and folds.
  • Comes with a 1 year guarantee.
  • Removable half arms or flip back desk arms.
  • Quick release rear wheels.
  • It can handle a weight of up to120kg.
  • Also Available in 14', 16' and 20'.
  • Versatile for your particular needs.
  • It can be bought with medical aid.

Low Cost Wheelchair with Removable Arms and Legs

Low Cost Wheelchair with removable arms & legsFeatures:

  • This low cost wheelchair is fantastic on a budget.
  • It has removable arm rests and removable leg rests.
  • Very Strong and Sturdy.


Saturn Hercules Wheelchair 18'

Saturn Hercules WheelchairFeatures:

  • A Heavy Duty wheelchair ideal for rural supply.
  • Wide, Solid front and rear PU tyres with options of removable desk or full armrest. 
  • All Coasters come with MAG rear wheels.



Heavy Duty Wheelchair 24'

Heavy Duty WheelchairFeatures:

  • This is a heavy duty wheelchair for the larger person.
  • A very comfortable chair with double crossbars, thicker wheels and stronger caster.
  • A weight capacity of 180kg.
  • This is a must for the individual who requires more space to sit.

Electric Wheelchairs

Omega Electric Wheelchair

Omega Electric WheelchairFeatures:

  • Available with: Removable desk armrests.
  • Removable full armrests Removable footrests.
  • Double cross bars.
  • Adjustable tension backrest.
  • Seat widths: arrow adult 40cm, Adult 45cm and wide adult 50 cm.
  • Left or Right hand controls.
  • Removable arm and footrest, hinge back.
  • Includes batteries and charger.

Mobility Scooters

Mini Mobility Scooter

This is our entry level scooter. 

Mini Mobility Scooter


4 Wheel type Mobility Scooter:

  • Weight: 39.2Kg (without batteries)
  • Range: 16km
  • Batteries: 10.58kg

Depends on weight and terrain:

  • Motor: 250 watt
  • Capacity: 115kg
  • Max Speed: 8km/hr   

Midrange mobility Scooter

This is a brilliant model, ideal for any active, able person needing assistance to get around shopping centres or public areas.

Midrange Mobility ScooterFeatures:

  • Weight: 49Kg

  • Range: 25km

  • Depends on weight and terrain

  • Motor: 370 watt 

  • Capacity: 125kg 

  • Max Speed: 8km/hr

Mobility Scooter Premium

This premium mobility scooter is great value for the able body person who requires assistance in getting around in public.

Mobility Scooter PremiumFeatures:

  • Weight: 49.2Kg

  • Range: 40km 

  • Depends on weight and terrain 

  • Motor: 370 watt 

  • Capacity: 135kg

  • Max Speed: 8km/hr

Mobility Scooter Supreme

This is ideal for anyone wanting to get around the house, shopping centre or retirement village.  Ideal for the person who is able and active.

Mobility Scooter SupremeFeatures:

  • Weight: 55.2Kg

  • Range: 40km 

  • Depends on weight and terrain 

  • Motor: 370 watt 

  • Capacity: 135kg

  • Max Speed: 8km/h

Electric Luxury Wheelchair

This is a fantastic concept.  It combines the luxury of the mobility scooter with the safety of the electric wheelchair.  It is a must for people with disabilities and aged.

Electric Luxury WheelchairFeatures:

  • Chair seat can swivel
  • Backrest can tilt
  • Armrests can be raised
  • Armrests are width ajustable
  • 2 x 250 Watt Motors
  • 2 x 38 Amp /hour batteries
  • Speed 6 - 9 km /hour
  • Load 150kg

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